A New Concept

As we mentioned before, adding our Online capabilities to our service was a natural progression for us and never before has a concept like this been achieved.

We have combined our services to make sure that your business is supported in every sense. You have probably heard many times that retail is the key to success in a Salon based business and for most parts that is true, however, it’s how you implement this that makes it work.

We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to get everyone on board with “selling” products in Salon. But what if you had a 24/7 sales person working for you even when you are not in salon, leaving you and your staff to do what you love.

This is where your Online presence comes into play!

Our tech team ensure that your business is maximising your Online space, whilst giving your customers the immediate access to info and products that they require.

We Build Your Website

A well built website ensures great traffic, with great traffic, comes great results.

When we start to build your website, we ensure that we take every element of your brand and ethos into account.

It’s really important to make sure that your customers know exactly what it is that you do and how well you do it!

Long gone are the days where only large corporates need a fully functioning, custom built CMS (content management system) website with integrated shopping experience. The world has changed and if you are not making the most of Online, then unfortunately you may find you slip through the cracks.

Fully Responsive

To get noticed you have to be seen everywhere, this is why when we build your website we will be looking at how it performs across all platforms.

It is a must to make sure your website is top notch on Mobile and Tablet.

We don’t charge any more for responsive design, everything is included to make sure your bsuiness runs smoothly Online.

We also place optimised SEO onto your website to ensure you start ranking straight away.

Get Your Retail Booming Again

For a long time now, we have consistently heard that retail business within salons isn’t what it used to be… and for some parts of that statement, that’s true.

The reason that retail business in Salon isn’t what it used to be, is because times have changed. Your customers want access to your products 24/7.

They also want the best possible price and quality, coupled with advice and exclusivity.

It can be a real stryggle to keep up to date with that demand, however, this is where we come into play! All of our websites come with an added eCommerce store.

Let’s Get Social!

Social Media is a huge part of our world now. It is so important to give your customers onhand information, immediately.

Put yourself in your customers shoes, if you couldn’t find the information you wanted, would you place business with that company?

This is why we manage your online presence and engage with your customers for you.

We take the hassle out of social media, leaving you to do what you do best, showcase your work.

With your customers spending at least 3 hours a day on social media you are missing out on a huge audience if your social game isn’t on point!

No Pressure, If you want to have a chat get in touch